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Joe's Place

Hi, I am Mac, I am the most loving, cuddly cat you will ever meet. If you sit still long enough, I will join you! I love to meet new humans to snuggle with, can't wait to be your next lap buddy! Meow! 

Hi, I am Charlie, a shizon, who loves to sit in people's laps to keep them company. I love to snuggle and give kisses. I am one of Joe's Place's therapy dogs,  my brother and I can't wait to meet you! Woof! 

Hi, I am Toby, a goldendoodle, who loves attention. My hobbies include playing frisbee, cuddling, and being a therapy dog. Woof!

Janis Stauder, 


Meet Janis! Over 15 years in the legal field in management  and as a litigation assistant, Janis is a former CNA  who is currently a licensed and certified Interpreter for the Deaf .


Janis & Kristin,

We have spent the last 7 years giving personal care and attention to our father and grandfather.  This care was 24/7 and we learned many things about Alzheimer's.  When he eventually went into a home we went everyday and stayed very involved in his care and daily life.  This gave us the perspective on the workings of the whole spectrum of the Alzheimer's and Dementia disease and its progression. After he passed away, we became interested in opening a place where only the best care was offered to take care of Alzheimer's patients during the day and create a safe place allowing caretakers to have a break knowing their loved one was cared for.  This became our passion, also known as Joe's Place.  

Kristin Rice,


Meet Kristin!  Experienced in working  and volunteering at senior  communities and in childcare facilities, Kristin is a  former CNA with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management from Lindenwood University. 

Adult day care, dementia care, alzheimers care, adult day services