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Joe's Place

Gardening Club

Our large fenced in back yard is not only good for walking and pet therapy it will also include a waist high container gardening area for all of the guest who are plant lovers.

Outdoor Club

A large wrap around porch is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy our secure, fenced beautiful backyard with a view of the fountain.  

Walking Club

According to WebMD the mental benefits of walking include better mood, sleep and memory.  Our building is an open concept facility with an unimpeded "walking track" area. Our track allows for wandering which is a large part of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Baking Club

This club allows our guests to participate in a daily activity that is familiar to them.  Many of the snacks offered throughout the day will be made by the baking club.  Also some will be taken home as snacks for loved ones or passed out in the community. 

Card Club

Playing cards is a well loved past time.  This activity was very prevalent in the lives of our guests.  We will continue this tradition by organizing and encouraging the participation in this club.

Exercise Club

Light exercise has many benefits for our guests.  Studies have shown exercise can effectively lessen or prevent the development of physical disability.  We try to make this a habit to enjoy. For example chair aerobics or noodle volleyball.

Reading Club

A cozy library is available with computers for cognitive stimulation.  It is also well stocked with books from many genres.  Our book club makes reading a joint and interactive experience.  We will pick a book and read a little each day and discuss it.

Our Clubs:

Adult day care, dementia care, alzheimers care, adult day services